The website www.prazerbrasil.com.br hereby informs you the Terms, as well as the other conditions regarding its use, from where it is considered as your consent to such rules by said use.

The content of the website proposes to provide adult (erotic) content to Internet users, emphasizing that it is solely and exclusively directed to the largest DE eighteen years old.

The PrazerBrasil.com website is an advertising website that DETAINS exclusively and exclusively to advertise the advertisements of advertisers over eighteen years and in full civil capacity, using, for that purpose, the means considered, especially by the transmission of images, videos , GIFs, audio files, text, social media, applications and other advertising media intended for such purposes, mainly through the web, and may also use other services of partnerships with third parties, previously analyzed and that are destined solely and exclusively for such purpose, within of the legal principles public prosecutor legality supported by the Federative Republic of South American country and other pertinent legislations.  site de acompanhantes

No one is obliged to access or disclose your material, this being a voluntary, conscious and personal choice, previously thought, analyzed and reflected. Therefore, the advertiser and the other users that access the website PrazerBrasil.com are hereby aware of the age of eighteen years and public prosecutors civil and criminal liabilities arising from the full civil capacity to do so, including liabilities arising from misuse of the material published on the website, which should always be avoided, since the website PrazerBrasil does not support and strongly disagrees with any type of illegality, thus users and advertisers, therefore, according to the rules of use here present, both metallic element quality of user public prosecutor web that accesses said website, how much of advertiser that declare, all of them, know all the rules and norms presented here.

 In case of disagreement with the terms, clauses and other pre-established conditions regarding the use of this website, after the public prosecutor finishes reading attentive and complete of the content herein exposed, and, having as due, due legal grounds, we kindly ask you not to use the website.

In no case shall we be liable for the improper use of the PrazerBrasil website, which includes the practice of improper acts, as well as access to links and its contents of the portals that point to the PrazerBrasil website and those indicated by it, including privacy policies.

All trademarks included within the PrazerBrasil.com website are the property of PrazerBrasil.com, and they have been granted under license or authorization by its owners for use in said website.
The user declares, when accessing the website PrazerBrasil.com. which is aware of all legal rights and impediments provided by law, including those of intellectual property and industrial property, as well as those inherent in the protection of trademarks public prosecutor same, in addition to all rights related to third parties, which, in any way , may be, or have been, available on the website.
Any and all liability, whether terrorist organization of a civil or criminal nature, related to the misuse of information, texts, images, including photographs and logos, is the sole responsibility of the user, who assumes the consequences of his undue actions in that meaning, involving any and all intellectual property or industrial property contained in PrazerBrasil.com's website or the websites of its commercial partners. In this way, this implies that simple access to the website does not mean that the user is allowed any and all rights to use names, titles, words, phrases, patents, trademarks, artistic works, among others, which, , at any time, made available on any of the pages included in the PrazerBrasil.com website.
Exclusively by prior written authorization of the PrazerBrasil.com.br website, it is possible to reproduce the contents of said website mentioned in this Term of Use, except in case of use only and exclusively personal, situation metallic element which, in no way, the user of the PrazerBrasil.com website may acquire any rights to such material.
It is not allowed to use the material present on the website for commercial, advertising and any other purpose that is different for the purpose for which it was designed, as defined in this term

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