- Sklep z zabawkami dla twoich dzieci!

I wrote recently about plans for my son's gift. It's time for small children in the family. I am very glad that I still have a chance to give the youngest - because I get the impression that it is in the age group of up to 2 years the most, toys coolest emerging 🙂 Some of them have my children in version - but most have the effect : wow.

This year there will be a classic - a classic in my opinion. I have the kind of toys that I bought as a gift on various occasions. Always, but they always work. Among such certainty is this interactive Noah's Ark. I still remember the old version of this toy, it is able to attract children to play for a minute. Important - animals of the ark used by my children for another game - and I like how the toy gives a lot of possibilities.

In this case, the child is encouraged to learn how to form the shape. animals properly set trigger music and nursery rhymes. In addition, the ship has a mini piano that matches the small finger. Honestly, I'm not a fan of all this noise, but the kids love them, and it is a gift for them. You can attach a string to the ark and pull freely on the floor. Click here to grasp additional details visit sklep z zabawkami

In general - I recommend the product Dumel wholeheartedly. I have never been disappointed in toys of them. And many of them go through the children's room. All time hit the tractor. toys that used eight years with us - and this is not the end of it, because in almost perfect condition it goes to subsequent children. Build quality is superb. We have a copy without rhyme - just the sound. It was quite adequate - but I think the new features will appeal to children.

We also have a map of the world - it is a gift for the parents - but it's also a brand Dumel said. In total, over 4 years, every few weeks, the children remember and pull it out. Toys containing several hundred questions and information on the various continents, animals and plants. Children listen to this and then verify their knowledge in a quiz. Quality workmanship is excellent - definitely purchase for years.

Back to small children. Another type of holiday this year was the ride-on cars. For the youngest, a great workout at home. Winter is not a hindrance. Due to the spring youth will be trained in driving. I want to pay attention to what the wheels are made of - plastic that will not work at home, they will also be making noise outside, ankle or paving slabs. Rubber or foam would be ideal, as for example GO² Berg. This vehicle is intended for children aged 10-36 months. It is cool solved - because it basically has two functions. Initially, it can be used as a classic trip, and then after the fact pedal it into a go-kart. This vehicle is stable and safe thanks to four wheels. It has a specially profiled seat that provides comfort and convenience while riding. The advantage of the trip is the weight - less than 4 kg and silent foam wheels. I think this toy worthy of attention during this year's spending.

And my final inspiration for the youngest - Several years ago 2-3 models like a toy available on the market - Puppy - school children is the most popular. I love this toy. He saved our lives on many occasions - the number and types of functions are available to take care of the child for a long time. always great fun - I still remember all the poems and songs of his own. Over time, more toys of this type appear on the market, with an even wider range of interesting poems and songs. In addition, the language version has been added.

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